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There are a few websites out there, advertising Cheats and Hacks for SimCity BuildIt. However everything we found until now, is this program that you need to download, and install on your computer which supposedly will give you Unlimited Simoleons and Unlimited SimCash.

Also according to these websites, EA won’t even react to it, and you will not get banned.

I find this so hard to believe, since your game connects to the EA servers every time you open it or you close it. So how could this be possible, to jump from $10,000 Simoleons to $1,000,000 Simoleons in a few minutes of play, and EA wouldn’t even monitor it?

This to me sounds so fake and I would really like to see the prove that this works. So if anyone has any proof, please share it in the comments below, I will get back to you by email or whatever so you can me pictures.

Cheating by definition breaks the purpose of any game, I mean, what do you have to prove, if the simple fact of playing the game is not enough? As if a hack will give you advantage over you friends … which they all know you cheat when you show up with millions of Simoleons or Simcash over night. This is just so lame, at the base.

And let’s think a little bit what reasons might the creator of such hacking software have, to build it and share it for free? Time is money, so why would he put time into it if not for money? Oh, so then how does he make money if he will share the cheat for free? Well it’s very simple: these tools are very often  packed with Trojans, viruses that install on your devices, computers, iphones, android phones, tablets and so on, and they collect all the personal data they find, and send it back to their creator. OH! Is this your wake up call?? Well guess what, when your credits cards numbers are getting stolen, or your passwords to Facebook or Paypal or other financial transactions tools are being stolen, what are you going to do then?

Will restoring from a personal fraud be worth it, in order to cheat for a silly mobile game? Think about it twice before installing any hacking or cheating software.



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