Level 1

Level 1 of SimCity BuiltIt is very straight forward, you will guided through the first basic steps to build your first infrastructures.


The buildings available in Level 1 are:

  • Residential Areas
  • Building Supplies Store
  • Wind Power Plant
  • Coal Power Plant
  • Small Factory
  • Basic Water Tower
  • Town Hall

You will be guided to put Metal into production at the Small Factory and create Nails using the Metal, at the Building Supply Store.

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In the Level 1 you will also learn hot to Upgrade a Building. Building homes and upgrading them earns you Simoleons.

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Daniel the neighbor Mayor will invite you to visit his city. Here you will be amazed by what your little houses will become, and you will be given the chance to buy items from Daniel’s Trade Depot.

2015-01-08 06.03.27 2015-01-08 06.08.12


Next, you will be prompted to build your Town Hall, and this is it, you are good to go! ;)

2015-01-08 06.12.35

Next you just follow the basic rules:

  1. Keep producing resources
  2. Use the resources to create Supplies
  3. Use the Supplies to build and upgrade buildings
  4. Upgrading buildings will increase your population and Simoleons

And you’re good to go to Level 2!

Here’s how my SimCity looks at the end of Level 1.

2015-01-08 06.18.35


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