Level 3

The Level 3 of SimCity BuildIt will unlock the Planks at the Building Supply Store.

2015-01-08 06.47.16

Also, a 4th Small Factory can be created. But be very careful: positioning the factories too close to the residential buildings will make your population unhappy and implicitly they will either leave the SimCity or pay less taxes. In this picture below, the pollution area covers my residential buildings. Bad, very bad.

2015-01-08 06.49.59


As you can see in the image below my population started complaining: “A factory near my home? Why?!”

2015-01-08 06.53.30

So what to do in order to make your people happy? Move the factories away. And here is how:

  1. Create more road, the furthest away possible from the residential buildings
  2. Hold your finger on a factory and you will be given the option to move it.
  3. Just do it. Move them all away until the pollution (the brown fog) doesn’t touch your residential areas anymore

2015-01-08 06.57.41

Level 3 also unlocks the first Specializations item: Parks. The parks are important for the population’s happiness and will help your SimCity to increase in population.

2015-01-08 07.04.11

I suggest choosing the 2nd Park : Modern Art Park as it will increase the population by 10%, for only $5.000 versus the first option, the Small fountain Park that costs $4.000 with a 5% increase.

And here’s how my SimCity looks like at the end of the 3rd Level:

2015-01-08 07.12.01


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