The SimCash is the top currency in SimCity BuildIt. I call it “top” currency because it is used to buy Simoleons.

The SimCash can be purchased through PayPal or Credit Card or it can be claimed through City Achievements. Whenever you reach specific levels in your city evolution, you are given the chance to Collect your Reward in SimCash.

Here’s the cost if you want to buy this currency using real money:

  • Pocketful of SimCash: 250 for $4.99
  • Little Stack of SimCash: 550 for $9.99
  • Nice Pile of SimCash: 1300 for $19.99
  • Briefcase of SimCash: 2625 for $34.99
  • Big Sack of SimCash: 4000 for $49.99
  • Huge Vault of SimCash: 8500 for $99.99

As you can see, the best value here is the the $99.99 package, giving you more SimCash per Dollar, so if you are into paying real money for gaming currency I suggest getting the biggest package to start with,

Quick Tip: try to stick to your SimCash as long as you can. You won’t get to use it very often, but you will be given several chances to use it. You can spend it to speed up pretty much everything or to buy more Simoleons.

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